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Google Page Rank/SEO Tips

Silver Star has been doing SEO (search engine optimization) long before the phrase even existed. There are more ins-and-outs to the SEO landscape than you can shake a stick at, but here are a few free tips to help your site climb the Google ladder and get closer to those coveted top positions.

  1. Page Titles! Make sure your site has them and each page has keyword elements in the page title tags. 
  2. Find Allies! Having other sites linking to your site is paramount to the Google algorithm. If you can find sites in the same industry or interest as your site it will improve your ranking even more. However this one tip is the fundamental key to achieving high ranking. It is also probably one of the more challenging parts of any SEO process.
  3. Google Local! Make sure your business is listed in the Google Local section. This will allow your company to come up on the location map and potentially may allow your company visibility on page 1 of any local-type search. For example if your company cleans windows and someone searches 'window cleaners fresno', your company may come up in the local results listed.

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