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Free Enterprise-level Site Analytics

There is no better tool for learning the effectiveness of your Web site than site analytical data. Many companies utilize existing tools that are on their Web hosting platform, like Awstats or Webalizer. However these applications have a poor track record of providing solid accurate data. If using both you might find that one claims 10,000 visitors, and the other 25,000. Which one is correct; or is either?

There are other solutions that are 3-party solutions. These companies will ask you to place a tracking script on your pages that will ping their server every time someone hits the page. This is a good solution IF the company offering the service can keep up with the intensity of requests from the many sites it may be tracking. Many of the smaller 'free' service firms cannot and their data has also been proven suspect. However there is one company with a track record for server robustness, and that is Google®. Google Analytics was launched several years ago as a tool for Google Ad Words users to help them see if their ads were working for them. It is available to anyone with a Google account and having an Ad Words campaign is not a requirement.

The statistics and helpful tools provided are truly top-notch. Google Analytics allows you to compare multiple date-ranges so you can see how your site has been tracking this month as compared to last month or the year previous. You can also see exactly how many unique visitors are coming to your site. Unique visitors is a highly sought after statistic that is not always available (or accurate) with other services like Awstats or Webalizer.

Some additional benefits of using a free service like Google Analytics:

  • Internal server stats systems can generate high-load on your server when doing the statistical number crunching.
  • 3rd party script loads with little or no effect on the site visitor.
  • Google's server up-time is almost 99.99% so there is little or no lost data.
  • Reports can be exported in PDF form via the online browser interface. [ example report ]
  • Your reports carry credibility with the Google Analytics label.
  • Easy to integrate into any Web site.
  • Enterprise-level statistics for free.

If you would like more information about integrating Google Analytics into your Web site, please call or write with any questions.